• Timber houses construction

    Timber houses construction

    We have been building timber-framed houses, houses made of timber-panels, solid wood beams, glued laminated timber and log houses for more than 24 years.

    We use Scandinavian forests’ wood as a construction material for houses we build.
  • Why do we use wood in construction?

    Why do we use wood in construction?

    Fast : we perform assembly in our workshops. Period for construction of your house is shorter, usually less than 3 or 5 months. In addition, the construction site remains clean and dry.

    Eco-friendly: Wood is a durable and renewable material containing carbon, processing of which takes little energy.

    Such house can help you save heat. (40% as related to constructions of traditional cap stone)
  • Expansion and extension of dwelling space

    Expansion and extension of dwelling space

    Consult our experts to find out about our proposals on expansion and extension of dwelling space
  • Verandas - pergolas

    Verandas - pergolas

    Project design, wooden interior trim and aluminum exterior trim

    Our advantages:
    - Usage of glass with a very high energy efficiency
    - Heat is preserved in the entire area
    - Due to the aluminum frames you do not need additional treatment
    - Excellent energy efficiency of our patented structure of heat bridge bent fracture.
  • Timber houses

    Timber houses

    If you want to receive the house layout by e-mail, please, contact us and specify your project area.

    Project design is free of charge.
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  • Maintenance, repair or reconstruction.
    Mercure Service provides maintenance of your house while you are away.
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  • We work in the following spheres: Juridical aspect, Real estate, Training.
    Please, contact us with any questions of your interest
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