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Ready-cut timber-framed houses are distinguished by the low cost, they are made up of several wooden modules manufactured in the factory and then delivered to the construction site.

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  ossature bois interieur

The technology of timber paneled system provides high-quality and fast results. In the production process, we use only modern technology and buy materials only from reliable certified suppliers.



- Speed of construction
- Energy efficiency
- Production of interior trim at factories with ideal working conditions
- Easily processed on the building site
- Attractive pricing
- 3D Layout
- Design of your exclusive project
- Overcovers can be made of traditional materials (planks or interior stucco)
- Interior trim according to your preference
- Our specialists will offer you Layouts and Engineering proposals at your request.
- All our houses can be customized
- Possibility to change price according to the series
- All our houses can be sold in 3 ways:
    - As a set for self-construction
     - Deliver with a full assembly
      - Turnkey basis
- Completion time for your project: from 3 to 6 months
- We prepare all documentation for obtaining a construction permit


Your project

If you want to receive the house layout by e-mail, please, contact us and specify your project area.
Project design is totally free of charge


 Assembled timber-framed walls
250 mm         200 mm 150 mm
150 2 200 2 250 2


 Assembled timber-framed ceiling
Acoustics  Standard  
Ceiling Ceiling Open beams  


Assembled timber-framed roof
350 mm  300 mm  250 mm traditional
Roof 350 2 Roof 300 2 Roof 250 2 View from above 2
Roof structure Roof rafters Trussed rafter with reinforcement plates  
Stogo konstrukcija 1 stogo gegnes Santvara  


Timber floor Heated floor  
Wooden floor 2 Heated floor 2  
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